Thursday, June 3, 2010

She's a Doll

Today has been an amazingly good day. I recieved a package from my pen pal Yuko!! It was the most lovely parcel of stationary and nick knacks! She is a screen printer from Tokyo and has a etsy store which you should visit! HERE ♥Photobucket
AND today I rescued this beautiful doll from the darkness of a Gold Coast thrift store. She cost me a whole 3 dollars, and as well as being cute as hell, she is a lamp and now brightens up my living room nicely! Don't forget, its only 2 days left until Suitcase Rummage!!


  1. Oh wow, this is a lamp? It's awesome! Really cute :)
    I love your pen pals etsy shop, have to take a closer look at it :)

  2. they are beautiful gifts and i love the dolly lamp, very cool.
    ill have to check out her etsy store <3

  3. You are so lucky! All of that stuff looks adorable. I want cute penpals!

  4. Awww... Now I want a penpal! And that doll lamp is a great find! And for $3?!? WOW! She is pretty. :)

  5. I know $3!? how crazy!
    Everyone should sign up for the Package Project!

    You register and they link you up with a partner that would suit you :) Its heaps of fun!! Im making my package to send Yuko today :D

  6. I love thrift stores-I love the lamp-I love your blog!!!